Top 9 Uses for Dump Carts

A dump cart is an awesome way to turn your lawn tractor into a heavy duty yardwork accessory. If you’re anything like the average joe, you started out with a wheelbarrow but quickly learned the hard work and physical labor that goes into pushing wheelbarrows around all day wasn’t for you.

So, anyone with a yard of an acre or more usually decides to get a lawn tractor dump cart to make optimal use out of their lawn tractor. (You might want to check out our article on the best lawn tractors for 2-5 acre blocks if you’ve not gotten a lawn tractor yet).

Uses for Dump Carts

1. Firewood

Moving firewood can be intensive work without a dump cart. The density of hardwood means that a small load becomes a heavy load very fast. We’ve had the issue before of having a half-cord of wood dumped in our front yard, only for the delivery guys to leave a disorganized pile for us to look after. It’s times like these – when you’re transferring several hundred logs at once – that a dump cart really comes into its own and cuts hours out of the job.

2. Clearing Leaves

Come autumn, there are leaves everywhere. It feels like a full-time job just to rake them up and move them on. This is a great time to pull out the dump cart and get that job done in one quick scoop rather than spending all day with a wheelbarrow in hand!

3. Moving Soil

This is a big one! Whenever we’re doing landscaping in our yard, the dump cart comes out and we’re off to the races digging up areas of our yard to build a new retainer wall. We’ll also find there’s a lot of soil to move when digging fence posts or putting in new electrical or plumbing lines underground. The dump cart helps you to move those piles of soil in less trips – and with less physical exertion during each trip.

4. Transporting Plants

For my first job, I worked in an orchard. We used a flat bed dump cart as a trailer. During planting season we would be able to fit a whole bed of plants in the back so we could plant multiple pots in a row before returning to the shed for more. Similarly, if you’re working on branches, it’s great for stacking a whole bunch of branches at once before making a trip to your dumping pile.

5. Moving Landscaping Rocks

Another way we’ve used dump carts is for transporting landscaping rocks. Sandstone rocks that we use for retainer walls are super heavy and some we just can’t lift them on our own. So, it’s often a job for the dump cart. The biggest thing to keep in mind is the load capacity. It’s not long before the rocks exceed the recommended load capacity of your dump cart – which is usually somewhere between 500 and 1000 Lbs, depending on the model you’re using.

6. Firefighting

This sounds like a strange one, but we’ve found a nice flat bed dump cart can hold a portable fire fighting pump for when you want to get it to and from different water outlets. Most firefighting pumps (or even water transfer pumps) come with a roll cage that fits nicely into the back of a flat bed dump cart to turn your lawn tractor into a mini fire engine.

7. Gravelling a Driveway

In our experience, a delivery of gravel is usually dumped in the one spot – and then the dump truck disappears and you’re all alone. It’s your job to spread the gravel up the driveway. I remember a job in my early 20s was to gravel a driveway by filling-in all of the pot holes along a 500m stretch between the front gate and the parking lot. My dump cart got a workout that day. It helps in this situation to have a swivel bed dump cart in these situations to spread the gravel as effectively as possible as it’s being dumped.

8. Mulching and Manure

This is one of the most common uses a gardener has for their dump cart. You’ll often buy mulch and manure in large, heavy bags from a gardening store. Stacking the bags into the dump cart means you can get through a whole afternoon’s job with minimal interruptions for returning to the shed to collect more manure or mulch.

9. Animal Transport

This use is not one you’d be familiar with until you work on a farm. When you find an injured animal in the yard, you’ve got to move it somehow. Whether you’re able to bring it back to health or it’s on its way out, you’ll need to move it along. Carrying a calf or sheep isn’t the easiest task – and that’s where the dump cart comes in. Similarly, often shooter will take out the dump cart to collect their kill in order to dispose of it so that it’s not in the way of farm work.

Final Thoughts

Dump carts for lawn tractors help you to get your load uphill or around the acreage far more effectively than wheelbarrows (You might want to check our article on the best lawn tractor for hills to ensure you can get that heavy load all the way up your hills! We’ve also taken a look at the best zero turn mowers for hills, which is worth checking out).

We also often find that wheelbarrows can’t handle rough terrain nearly as well as dump carts. That said, when pulling a dump cart over rough or uneven terrain, it’s really important to take care, go slow, and assess the situation. Dump carts can cause your lawn tractor to lose balance very easily! For more information on navigating rough terrain, check out our review of the best riding lawn mowers for rough terrain.

We’ve found a whole lot of great uses for dump carts, but we think the above uses are the most common.

Thanks for Reading!

– Chris