7 Best Push Blocks for Table Saws

best push blocks for table saws

Our top Pick

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Our pick for the best push block for table saws and router tables is the Grr-Ripper 3D Pushblock. It is an industry leader when it comes to push blocks and is one of the most used, reviewed and rated push blocks on the market.

Table saws, router tables and band saws are by their nature dangerous tools. Many of us have had more close encounters with a carbide tipped blade spinning at 4000 RPM than we care to admit. This is an inherent risk when feeding smaller pieces between the blade and table saw fence.

In order to minimize risk, it’s a good idea to use a table saw push block. They can ensure you keep your hands well and truly clear of the blades while still maintaining control over your work. So, in this review we’ll take a look at some examples of push blocks on the market today, and compare them to find the ones we like the most.

Remember, this review provides examples for our circumstances only, and doesn’t constitute advice – professional or otherwise – for your own circumstances.

Best Table Saw Push Blocks

The best push blocks for table saws, router tables, jointers and band saws are:

  • GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock – Our Favorite
  • GRR-RIP Smart Hook Pushblock
  • Fulton Woodworking Push Block and Push Stick (5 Pack)
  • POWERTEC 71338 L-Push Stick
  • POWERTEC 71009 Push Block and Push Stick (Set of 5)
  • Delmar Tools Push Block
  • Gripper 200 Advanced

This information is shared as personal opinion for our situation only, and does not constitute professional advice to you – so make your choice wisely and if in doubt, consult your nearest gardening shop!

First, we’ll provide a comparison table, then under this we’ll do a detailed review of each product.

Best Push Blocks for Table Saws – Comparison Table

Table Saw Push Blocks – Full Reviews

1. Grr-Ripper 3D Pushblock for Table Saws

Quick Review: The GRR-Ripper 3D push block is an industry leader when it comes to push blocks and is one of the most used, reviewed and rated push blocks on the market.

Our Rating: 9.5/10

If you have started searching for a push block for woodworking then chances are incredibly high (probably 99%) that you’ve already come across the GRR-Ripper 3D as it’s widely considered a market leading product when it comes to push blocks.

This product has three legs for increased stability and control however it also includes a balance support that can be incredibly useful when working with smaller stock to keep control and prevent tilting or tipping.

The three points of directional force on this product are what really helps to increase control and balance during use and help to eliminate kickback while the green-GRIP provides an excellent grip on the stock’s surface (though some users state that it’s prone to slipping).

The commitment from Microjig to quality and attention to detail is evident by the fact that they have a full length instructional video for proper use which we’ll add here:

The popularity and versatility of use are well justified in our opinion and we really like it as a quality purchase.



Maximum Control: The three points of force provided by this product allows for maximum control and precision during use (even when used vertically).

Instructional Video: The full length instructional video for a product as simple as a push block really shows the commitment to detail and quality.

Balance Support: The balance support alongside the three stable legs can help deliver stability when using smaller stock.

Highly Rated: This is one of the most used and reviewed push blocks on the market and many consider it to be the industry standard.

Additional Attachments: To really get the most out of this product you’d want to utilize additional attachments (like the fence spacer for narrow cuts) which will significantly increase the cost on an already premium priced product.

2. Delmar Tools Push Block For Table Saws

Quick Review: The Delmar push block is a unique offering in that it is specially made for narrow rip cuts, giving users control over both sides of the stock to decrease chances of kickback or injury.

Our Rating: 9/10

The Delmar Tools push block is a relatively unknown product when compared to some of the more premium push block manufacturers. However, they have come out with a respectable specialist push block for narrow rip cuts.

This product has an easy to adjust wheel that is patent pending for quick adjustments to the height and this allows for narrow rip cuts to be done with stability and control up to ¼”.

Some have said that the material quality is not quite as good as some of the more expensive competitors. However, we’ve found that the lifetime warranty gives good value and acts as a statement by the manufacturer to back their product quality.

During narrow cuts whereby the center leg has been adjusted to a narrow width, there is a drop down balance wheel which helps to prevent the block from losing stability and ultimately keeps the user in control during the cut.

Overall, we like this product – it’s quick to adjust for narrow cuts and offers a lifetime warranty meaning you can be relatively confident that this is a long term investment at a relatively affordable price.



Narrow Rip Cuts: The product is specially made to still support narrow rip cuts as low as ¼” for complete control during use.

Lifetime Warranty: A real selling point with this product is the lifetime warranty which makes it a great investment for long term use.

Efficient Adjustments: The button release for the width adjustment wheel is both quick and efficient for making changes during cuts.

Material Quality: The build quality is arguably not as good as some of the more expensive competitors.

3. Fulton Safety Woodworking 5 Piece Set

Quick Review: We like the Fulton 5 piece push block set as it’s a very inexpensive yet versatile product. We feel it would be great for a hobbyist woodworker that needs a basic model.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

When looking for an inexpensive and versatile push block, Fulton covers these bases with a 5 piece safety set that we think is good for a hobbyist woodworker.

The 5 piece push block set offers a variety of sizes and shapes for a variety of uses including ripping, routing and angled cutting. The mixture of push sticks and push blocks means that users can also work comfortably and safely with a large variety of different sized stock.

Chris Says: “While this product is quite basic in terms of features, it comes highly reviewed with most users claiming it’s great value for money and does the job.”

As it is quite a basic product range, we feel that the rubber grip on the bottom of the push blocks is not the highest quality and therefore, regular cleaning is needed to maintain the desired grip (though a good feature is that the rubber is easy to clean).

The Fulton 5-piece set is a basic safety push block set that we like for a hobbyist woodworker. It doesn’t come with any special ergonomic features and the design is basic however the variety of blocks make them good for a variety of woodworking uses.



Versatility: 5 different push block variations means that users can cut with a variety of different sized stock or on different machinery.

Highly Rated: There are very few negative reviews regarding this product online despite the high volume of sales meaning that you get exactly what you pay for with this product.

Price: Considering this is a 5-piece push block package, the price is incredibly competitive providing good value for money.

Basic Features: This is a basic package that looks to provide safety during use. As a result, there are no special ergonomic or advanced features for professional use.

Rubber Padding: The rubber padding loses its grip quite significantly when it gets clogged with dust so regular maintenance and cleaning is needed.

4. POWERTEC 71009 Safety Push Block and Stick Set (5 Pack)

Quick Review: The Powertec 71009 push block bundle provides all the essential push block/push stick accessories that you’d need to work with a wide variety of stock and cutting surfaces.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

The Powertec 71009 push block and stick set is a versatile and solid 5-pack set that will support a wide range of woodworking jobs.

Firstly, there is a range of products in this set which includes a variety of push blocks and sticks for use with a range of stock sizes and woodworking jobs. We feel all provide a solid build quality for durability and long term use even on a jobsite.

Chris Says: “There is nothing fancy or stand out with this push block set. Simply put, this pack provides some solid push blocks and sticks at a competitive price. Not much more you could ask for, really.”

The handles are well designed to be comfortable and ergonomic which helps to improve control and prevent kickback.

While the products generally have a solid build, it’s worth pointing out that the push sticks do not have the rubber friction pads like the blocks.



Ergonomic Handle: Each push block is designed with an ergonomic handle for added comfort and control during use.Solid Build Quality: These items are made to be both solid and durable which we feel makes them well suited to jobsite use in particular.

Versatility: A 5-pack set helps users with a majority of cutting jobs you’d come across.

Push Block Grip: Some users claim the grips can be prone to slipping or lack sufficient grip for certain stock material.

5. Gripper 200 Advanced System (Includes Push Block and Leg Accessory)

Quick Review: The Gripper 200 is a premium priced push block that would appeal to those with enough budget to stretch to a premium quality push block with advanced features.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

The Gripper 200 is a top line product that is the same model as the GRR-Ripper 3D with some advanced attachments for professional level woodworking tasks.

The ease of adjustments and additional spacer/stabilizing plate mean that you can work with a much larger variety of stock sizes from narrow stock at ⅛” all the way to as large a stock as your table can support.

The green-GRIP traction pads provide the same great grip that we mentioned with the GRR-Ripper 3D and all of the great features that we covered with that model apply to this product as well.

The control that you have with this product thanks to the three directional force during use is almost unmatched. The added accessories for increased stability and overall high quality build means that users can produce more accurate and high quality work in our option.

While the basic model in this range is still one of the most reputable and highly rated on the market, the added accessories with an increased price mean that this product might be hard to justify for many woodworkers.



Additional Features: The spacer and stabilizing plate allow more varied use with both narrow and wider stock for increased control.Accuracy: This product has added features to support accuracy and control.

Adjustable Handle: The handle can be orientated at an angle in order to support a variety of uses from table top to vertical veneering.

Price: The price is definitely in the premium bracket and will be difficult for many to justify over some of the more competitively priced products.

6. Powertec 71338 Plastic L-Push Stick

Quick Review: The L-push stick from Powertec (71338) is a sturdy and comfortable push stick that allows for safer woodworking at a budget-friendly price.

Our Rating: 7.5/10

We decided the Powertec L-push stick (otherwise known as a V-push stick) is a good choice for an inexpensive push stick to support basic woodworking jobs.

Firstly, the key factor with this product is that it’s a deluxe pack and comes with a set of two meaning that users can use it on on heavier and larger stock for added stability and control.

Secondly, the price was already highly competitive and inexpensive considering it’s from a reputable manufacturer and therefore the fact that you get two push sticks provides good value for money.

Chris Says: “The thing I’ve always liked about L-Push Sticks is you hold them quite low down, meaning it feels like you’re getting a lot of control out of them. Nonetheless, I’d probably still prefer to get a set with a greater variety of push block sizes and types in it.”

In terms of the actual quality of this product, the hand grip is ergonomically made so that it’s both comfortable to hold yet also allows you to create a low center of gravity for added control and traction.

The non-slip base does a good job of gripping the wood during use and the only downside that we’ve found with this product is that the stick is quite narrow which can be quite discerning for those that feel they are too close to the blade during narrow cuts.



Ergonomic Grip: The comfortable grip allows you to keep a low center of gravity over the wood to maximize control and minimize discomfort.

Price: While some items on this list are good value, the Powertec 71338 is an inexpensive cost for people who just need a basic push stick.

Twice the Value: This product comes with 2 x push sticks allowing for greater versatility of use, particularly with larger stock.

Narrow Handle: These push sticks are quite narrow and while good for the versatility of use, it can be quite discerning for users that feel they are too close to the blade during use.

7. Grr-Rip Block Smart Hook Pushblock (for Router Table, Jointer, and Band Saws)

Quick Review: The GRR-Rip block has all the features you’d want and expect from a basic push block but with a few advanced features that would be appreciated by a professional woodworker.

Our Rating: 7.5/10

Microjig has a few push blocks that many consider to be an industry standard and often favored by professional woodworkers. The GRR-Rip block is an entry level push block that has a few advanced features to stand out in the price range.

The smart hooks are without a doubt the key feature with this product. The hooks drop down at the heel (though they can also be set into a lock position if not needed) to provide added stability and support on any larger or awkward stock. They also auto retract for a flat grip when needed.

Chris Says: “If I had the budget, I’d perhaps stretch to the GRR-Ripper 3D (above) for more advanced features. However, I feel this product is good in its own right and has all the features I’d want from a standard push block.”

The widely recognized non-slip green GRR-Grip podulized grip allows for excellent grip and traction against the stock. The podular design, in particular, allows for dust and debris to also easily escape meaning the grip stays consistent throughout use.

We’d be hard pressed to provide any particular cons when using this product, it’s a highly functional and ergonomic push block that works just as well flipped into the vertical position as it does with the standard table saw use.



Smart Hooks: The smart hooks at the heel help to lock on to the stock for added grip and pressure.

Non Slip Grip: The podular rubber grip allows for increased traction as well as helping to prevent a buildup of dust and debris.

Optional Mount: The optional mount allows for a reflector to be attached to prevent chips, debris and dust from causing interference during a cut.

Peeling Grip: The green grip can be prone to peeling off after a period of consistent use for some users.

Difficult for Narrow Cuts: A narrow cut where you need to fit the push block between the table saw fence and the blade would require a different type of push block.

What we Look for in a Push Block Set

Multi-Piece Set

Bush blocks come in all shapes and sizes. Personally, we’re fans of multi-piece push block sets that allow you to pick and choose your weapon depending on the size and shape of stock you’re pushing through the blade. For example, a combination of an L-shaped push block, simple flat block, stick block and arch block helps you to pick your weapon depending on the need.

There are also some great push blocks that arch over the table saw blade so your hands are protected on all sizes when working on the stock. Models such as the Delmar and Gripper push blocks above are examples of the arch sizes, and have adjustable feet so you can set the width you want.

Rubber or Gripping Feet

The feet of the push block is another aspect worth taking a look at. We like a good surface area for the foot that’s got a gripping material to prevent slippage while you’re feeding your stock through the table saw. There’s nothing worse than losing your grip when the stock’s already half way through, and you end up with an awkward cut.

Low Center of Gravity

It’s also nice to work with a push block that can be held low, but still protect you from the blade. Home made models often fall short here: people who make their own push block often end up with a makeshift stick that they hold high above the stock, reducing control. The goal should always be to maintain control while increasing safety. For us, this means low center of gravity.

Overall, it’s hard to state what’s best for you, because there are so many different needs depending on the type of work you’re doing. But as a rule, we think a good push block set should be versatile and usable for multiple different sizes of stock.

Home Made vs. Store Bought Push Blocks

While we don’t mind a good home made featherboard, a home made push block is harder to get right in our opinion. One of the reasons for this is because a good store bough push block is made with specialized ‘grip’ material on the base. But good store bought push blocks are often also more versatile, with easily adjustable feet widths and additional features that are hard to make from spare hardwoods lying around your shop.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to find the right push block set for your table saw, band saw or table router. This review of the best push blocks has provided some examples and our ratings of them for our personal circumstances. Personally, we’re quite bullish on the Grr-Ripper 3D Pushblock for ourselves. We like how versatile and adjustable it is for multiple different purposes. Of course, none of this constitutes advice – professional or otherwise – for you or your circumstances, so do your own due diligence and consult a professional.

We hope this general information has been useful though as you go about searching for the best table saw push block!

Simon & Chris