7 Best Portable Jobsite Table Saws (2020)

Our top Pick: The Dewalt DWE7491RS

Our pick for the best portable table saw for the jobsite is the Dewalt DWE7491RS. It’s one of the more powerful portable table saws with its 15 Amp motor and 10″ blade. The 32.5″ rip capacity is also excellent. But it is also easy to get around with its collapsible stand and wheels that turns it into a rolling dolly. Overall, we’re really impressed with this Dewalt model. 

Portable table saws are almost essential for builders these days. We’re living in a world where we are increasingly doing cuts on the jobsite whenever the need arises. The best solution to this is to get a table saw that you can roll off your truck and assemble quickly and easily.

So we decided to take a look at the best portable table saws on the market today. Unsurprisingly, the Dewalt DWE7491RS rose to the top. This model often rises to the top of our table saw product reviews – we’re big fans. But the Skilsaw SPT99-11 came in at a close second place with its excellent collapsible stand and large sturdy wheels.

If you want to see our full buyers guide and selection criteria, jump to the end of this product review article. But for now, here’s our shortlist of the best portable table saws.

The best jobsite table saws are:

  • Dewalt DWE7491RS
  • Skilsaw SPT99-11
  • Metabo HPT Jobsite Table Saw
  • Makita 2705X1
  • General International 10″ Portable Table Saw
  • Goplus 10-Inch Table Saw
  • Delta 36-6023 Table Saw

Best Portable Table Saws


Top Table Saws for the Jobsite

Quick Review

Our Rating

1. Dewalt DWE7491RSGet this saw if you want one of the most powerful and reliable contractor table saws on the market that also has jobsite portability thanks to the rolling stand. (Go to review)


2. Skilsaw SPT99-11Get this table saw if you want a table saw that can be moved around the jobsite with complete ease whilst also being one of the most powerful table saws on the market. (Go to review)


3. Metabo HPT Jobsite Table SawGet this table saw if you want a large surface table saw that’s ideal for cutting large wood yet also offers the portability for jobsite work thanks to a rolling table stand. (Go to review)


4. Makita 2705X1Get this saw if you want a powerful and reliable jobsite saw that features enough onboarding space for additional tools and accessories. (Go to review)


5. General International 10″ Portable Table SawGet this table saw if you want a lightweight, budget contractor saw that will perform on the jobsite without the heavy price tag. (Go to review)


6. Delta 36-6023 Table SawGet this saw if you want a portable saw, with a large rip capacity for cutting large stock and also offers a long term warranty. (Go to review)


7. Goplus 10-Inch Table SawGet this saw if you want a powerful 10” inch table saw that is packed into the portable size similar to most mini table jigsaws. (Go to review)


1. Dewalt DWE7491RS – Best Compact Table Saw

Quick Review: Get this saw if you want one of the most powerful and reliable contractors table saws on the market that also has jobsite portability thanks to the rolling stand.

Our Rating: 9.5/10

The Dewalt DWE7491RS is a powerhouse when it comes to a portable jobsite table saw. A 15 AMP motor, 10” blade with speeds of 4800 RPM and a rip capacity of 32-½” means that you have a cabinet standard workshop saw with the portability to bring it onto the jobsite with you.

The heavy-duty rolling stand is the key feature for this portable table saw and only takes seconds to deploy and set up. The legs come out at an angle (and easily click into position) for increased stability and this is a key point to note, as the stability of this saw is not compromised even when cutting 4/8 sheets of plywood.

The onboarding for tools keeps everything compact and also includes a cable wrap so everything is kept compact and tidy. The telescoping rack and pin fence is a game-changer, It easily folds away for portability but has the capacity to extend to a huge 32” for rip cuts and is the main feature on this model.

Chris Says: “I love that this model doesn’t compromise power and rip capacity, yet is easy to collapse and roll to and from the jobsite. As usual, Dewalt has come out with an excellent product. This is one of my favorite table saws on the market – portable or not!”

The safety features on this saw make it an essential tool for the jobiste. The power loss reset means that If this tool is accidentally unplugged, or the power is tripped out then the saw will reset to the off position which is an important safety feature (particularly if this happens mid-cut).

This tool has the 2-½” lower port for dust collection as standard however, it also has a 1-½” blade guard dust port in addition meaning you can collect dust from the top and bottom of the machine during cuts.

Here’s a great advert for this model:

Lastly, it’s worth noting there’s a sister product to this one, which is a cordless table saw that has similar (but not the same) specs and – of course – has that awesome benefit of requiring no hook-up to a power outlet.

Why This One

Keep in Mind

Tool-Free Change: Safety guard and riving knife can be changed tool-free with a simple lever locking system (no need to take out the throat plate). A great feature if you are looking to speed up your productivity on the jobsite whilst still focusing on tool safety.

Dual Dust Collection: The dual sawdust collecting ports on this tool will drastically reduce your cleaning time after each job.

Rack & Pin Fence: The Dewalt has one of the best rack and pin fences on the market allowing for smooth and accurate micro-adjustments for every cut. This model also telescopes out to allow for a huge 32-½” rip cutting capacity.

Size: Make no mistake, this is an easily portable table saw. However, it’s a heavy-duty model so don’t expect it to stack on a van rack. With that said it still stands up comfortably and only weighs 98lbs.

Assembly Required: There is some assembly required with this saw so keep that in mind as it won’t come straight out of the box ready for jobsite work.

2. Skilsaw SPT99-11

Quick Review: Get this table saw if you want a table saw that can be moved around the jobsite with complete ease whilst also being one of the most powerful table saws on the market.

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Skilsaw are known for creating powerful table saws and the SPT99-11 is the latest addition that also adds incredible portability into the equation for ease of moving around the jobsite.

The extra large 16” wheels, long handle, and balanced center of gravity with this tool mean that we’ve found it to be the most portable table saw for moving around the jobsite. It can even easily manage stairs as a one-man task and the maneuverability is unmatched.

Chris Says: “It’s the wheels on this model that really stand out. The large wheels and wide span between them makes this a stable portable model. But the power’s also pretty great – a 15 Amp motor and 10″ blade means this model gives the Dewalt DWE7491RS a run for its money.”

The power on this table saw is also unmatched in this category and the lightweight frame does not compromise the power of the well recognized worm drive motor. This saw is very resilient to overheating with the dual-field motor and will mean you can cut through a variety of wood with ease.

The dust tube on this model features an elbow joint meaning you can direct the dust to be inline with the wind or straight down onto the floor (or bucket) for a tidy pile rather than it shooting straight out of the back (if you don’t have a dust bag to hand).

Why This One

Keep in Mind

Onboarding: Well thought out accessory storage will mean that everything is easily placed away after the job is done reducing the wear and tear of your equipment.

Fence Adjustment: The rack and pin fence on this is very similar to the Dewalt model meaning that it’s ideal for micro-adjustment.

Portability: This is without a doubt the most portable table saw we’ve found in the ‘heavy-duty’ category, you’ll be able to move this around the jobsite with absolute ease.

Lightweight: While a lightweight tool is good for portability this has meant that it will be less durable on the jobsite than some of the others we’ve reviewed.

3. Metabo HPT Jobsite Table Saw

Quick Review: Get this table saw if you want a large surface table saw that’s ideal for cutting large wood yet also offers the portability for jobsite work thanks to a rolling table stand.

Our Rating: 9/10

Metabo are known in the contracting industry for producing powerful, durable and quality tools and the Metabo HPT jobsite table saw certainly lives up to that reputation.

The standout feature of this model is the large table size that offers an impressive 35” rip capacity and an outfeed extension table that’s ideal for supporting large cuts as a solo contractor.

Even with the large surface area of the table, a weight of only 96lbs is still a very competitive weight on this list but it’s certainly not ‘light’. factor in the stable and durable fold & roll stand though and you’ve got a very stable jobsite saw that can be moved around with ease.

Again, staying competitive with the other table saws we’ve reviewed, the Metabo HTP has a 10” blade, runs on a 15 AMP motor, has cutting speeds of 4500 RPM (slightly less than the competitors who are 4800+) and has all the onboarding features you’d need for tools and accessories.

This model also has a great safety feature in terms of the on/off switch. a fold-away cover conceals the on switch to prevent accidental activation and the off switch simultaneously pops out allowing for a quick and easy shutdown.

Why This One

Keep in Mind

Large Rip Capacity: The 35” rip capacity is one of the largest of any portable table saw.

Table Size: This could be considered a negative in terms of portability, however, the large table size allows a lot of table space for cutting larger wood.

Outfeed Extension Table: An already large table also offers the outfeed extension table for material support when cutting solo on the jobsite.

Tool-Free Accessory Change: The blade accessories are easily attached tool-free thanks to a simple level system under the throat plate for increased productivity.

Accessories: The safety guard and anti-kickback tool are very lightweight so won’t be very durable on the jobsite.

4. Makita 2705X1

Quick Review: Get this saw if you want a powerful and reliable jobsite saw that features enough onboarding space for additional tools and accessories.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

The Makita 2705X1 is a powerful table saw with 15 AMP motor and a rotation of 4800 RPM (in line with the other leading brands on this list) however, we do need to say that this isn’t the most portable saw we’ve reviewed.

We think this is an excellent table saw for workshops and will be more than reliable enough on a jobsite however with a net weight of 114lbs, you’d likely need two people to transport it easily (though it’s still possible for one person).

The rolling frame is sturdy and provides a solid base for cutting and it’s very compact when stood upright measuring in slightly smaller than the Dewalt. Despite the weight, a key feature that we like and something makes this more appealing for portability is the additional onboard storage for extra tools and accessories.

The fence is the smoothest and sturdiest one we’ve seen and also allows for front and back fence adjustments which are again something that many other portable table saws don’t offer.

Chris Says: “While the Makita model doesn’t sacrifice power (Great 15 Amp motor and 10″ blade), they haven’t managed to get the overall weight down far enough to get me excited. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a nice sturdy fence this one does that job really well.”

We also like that this saw can accommodate a 13/16” dado blade (not included) which is not something that many portable table saws can offer and improves the usability of this saw for most contractors.

Why This One

Keep in Mind

Accuracy: The Makita’s blade, fence and miter gauge are accurate straight out of the box. The fence is the sturdiest we’ve seen on any portable table saw allowing for continued cutting accuracy.

Onboard Storage: The onboard storage for this model is good, but it’s not entirely obvious where everything is supposed to go. It will take some getting used to but it does have the capacity to store extra tools and accessories.

Durability: The aluminum casing makes for a lightweight yet durable tool to handle the rigors of a jobsite. We mentioned that it might be slightly heavy in terms of portability but this is a compromise for build quality and lifetime value.

Weight: The rolling stand and onboarding storage don’t quite make up for the fact that this still weighs in at close to 115lbs, however, it’s the only obvious downside we could see with this tool.

5. General International 10″ Portable Table Saw

Quick Review: Get this table saw if you want a lightweight, budget contractor saw that will perform on the jobsite without the heavy price tag.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

General International has brought out a very competitively priced portable table saw with the 10” – TS4004 model. This saw has many of the features that you’d expect to find in a top of the range portable table saw and includes:

15 AMP motor and 30” rip capacity meaning you can cut a large variety of woods with this model and will have no issues on the job site. A miter gauge allowing for cross cuts and a dado capacity for ½” cutting depths for any detailing work.

These are high-end features that many of the other models we’ve reviewed provide, however, it’s the lightweight and sturdy steel stand (with wheels) that make this a great and portable jobsite saw.

Weighing in at only 75lbs, this saw has onboarding capability for your accessories, folds away in a single smooth motion for transportation and can even be hung up in a workshop due to the minimal weight as a space saving bonus.

While this isn’t a premium tool it will certainly offer the reliability and portability that you need on the jobsite and is an ideal solo contractor tool. Just keep in mind that there is a significant amount of assembly required straight out of the box.

Why This One

Keep in Mind

Lightweight: Weighing in at only 75lbs this is one of the lightest table saws that still offers a large 30” rip capacity. The steel frame with wheels means that you can easily maneuver this around the jobsite or even hang it up for storage.

Price: This is a value priced table saw when you factor in a 10” blade, 30” rip capacity and the sturdy steel stand with wheels.

Thermal Overload Protection: The thermal overload protection stops the motor from burning out and it also features a safety on/off switch with a removable key as an added safety measure.

Assembly: There is some assembly required with this model when it comes packaged.

Keep in mind that you may need professional (or competent) help in assembling it just to ensure it’s safe and fit for the jobsite. A typical 4 hour assembly time is expected.

No Standout Features: Many of the table saws we look at have a specific standout feature from Skilsaws’ powerful worm drive motor to Dewalt’s industry leading rack and pin fence. While this is a solid tool it doesn’t have a single feature that stands out in the crowd.

6. Delta 36-6023 Table Saw

Quick Review: Get this saw if you want a portable saw, with a large rip capacity for cutting large stock and also offers a long term warranty.

Our Rating:8.5 /10

Delta has a huge range of table saws, however, the 36-6023 model is the most portable and suitable for jobsite work in our opinion thanks to the rolling collapsible stand.

The table surface area of this saw at 559 square inches is only bettered by the Metabo HPT in terms of size and a large 32.5” rip capacity is ideal for any large cuts.

This large table doesn’t compromise on portability either, weighing in at a rather lightweight 77lbs (excluding stand) you’re also getting the rolling table saw stand which easily folds away in one smooth motion.

The rack and pin rail system which is becoming more popular in the table saw category (though Dewalt still has the best in our opinion), allows for quick and accurate changes to your fence improving speed and productivity on the jobsite.

This model also comes with a great 5-year warranty which shows Delta’s confidence in their tools durability. This is definitely a mid-price portable table saw so the addition of the extended warranty makes for a great value tool.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that it includes the standard features you’d expect to see in a portable table saw like a 2-½” dust port, powerful 15 AMP motor and a miter gauge for cross cuts.

Why This One

Keep in Mind

Rip Capacity: A 32.5” rip capacity and 559 square inch table allow for larger cuts on the jobsite.

Warranty: A professional grade 5-year warranty offers peace of mind with this tool that you are getting a long term investment.

Rack and Pin Rails: A rack and pin rail system for fence adjustments allows for speed of adjustments and accuracy of cut.

Noisy: While this saw provides a smooth cut you’ll certainly notice that it’s not as quiet as the other models reviewed.

Range of Models: Delta has a number of table saws all with minor differences, this is our pick for the most portable but we’d prefer them to focus on a single flagship model like Dewalt have for example.

7. Goplus 10-Inch Table Saw

Quick Review: Get this saw if you want a powerful 10” inch table saw that is packed into the portable size similar to most mini table jigsaws.

Our Rating: 8/10

Goplus have provided a small, lightweight and portable 10” table saw with the power of models that are substantially bigger than this.

With a weight of just 46lbs in an aluminum tabletop, you are getting a 15 AMP, 5000 RPM saw with a 26” rip capacity that is half the weight of most other models.

Usually, when something has the same power in a smaller package you can expect to pay a higher price for the privilege, however, the Goplus actually comes in cheaper than most of the saws we’ve reviewed!

It may be a lightweight model but it comes with a heavy-duty stand with angled legs to provide a solid base meaning that it won’t be easily tipped over when using large or heavy pieces of hardwood.

The only downside to the stand is that it doesn’t have wheels for ease of movement on the jobsite.

Why This One

Keep in Mind

Weight: At a weight of only 46lbs, you’ll have no trouble moving this around the jobsite with ease. It’s also easy to pack down and can fit in a truck or even a car for a job on short notice.

Price: One of the cheapest table saws we’ve reviewed, It doesn’t come with a well-known brand name however the price makes this a great entry level table saw for an apprentice or first time woodworking contractor.

Great for Beginners: A beginner woodworker or a contractor new to carpentry might like to consider this model.

No Dust Collection Port: We were a bit disappointed to find that this saw doesn’t have a dust collection port (especially considering the Dewalt has 2).

No Wheels: We are being a bit harsh here considering the very lightweight structure of this tool but we feel the addition of wheels onto the stand would have really improved the portability of this saw for moving around on the jobsite.

What to Look for in a Jobsite Tablesaw

Wheels & Collapsible Stand Combo

The most important feature we look for in a portable tablesaw is – simply – how portable it is! Central to this is its ability to collapse and roll from the truck to the jobsite. The main two options are for a collapsible dolly and collapsible saw horse. The collapsible dolly is our favorite type. All you need to do for a collapsible dolly is flick a switch and collapse it – it takes about 10 seconds. The collapsible saw horse model is still fine, but requires you to fold each leg separately in order to get it ready to roll. Overall, both approaches are fine – and it’s not a deal breaker at all for us if it’s table saw stand vs. dolly.

Also keep an eye on the wheels. We’ve had tools in the past (in particular portable miter saws) where the wheels are too close together. This is infuriating. Hit a rock and the weight of the whole tool flips to one side, and you lose the tool to the ground.  So we like to see a saw that has a good span between the wheels to ensure higher stability. The other thing we like to see is larger rubber wheels. Rubber wheels absorb the bumps well; and the size of the wheel comes in when you are pushing the wheel over rough terrain. In this category, the Skillsaw (#2 on this list) takes the cake.


Weight is of course a huge factor if you’re going to be lugging this thing around from jobsite to jobsite. So, jobsite table saws are designed specifically to be lightweight. A hybrid saw or cabinet table saw can weigh up to 800 Lbs, but in this portable category we’re talking somewhere between 46lbs and 150 Lbs. The thing to keep in mind is that if you go too lightweight, chances are you’re sacrificing power. Stick to a 15 Amp motor and 8″ – 10″ saw blade to ensure you don’t sacrifice too much.

Blade Size

Cabinet table saws have much larger blade sizes than portable table saws. So you’re definitely going to be looking at a lower-range size for blade here. However, you can get a good 10″ blade that’ll do pretty deep cuts at 90 degrees still. This is one reason we love our top-rated Dewalt in this category. It doesn’t sacrifice too much and yet is easily portable. Chances are you’ll be looking at either an 8.25″ or 10″ blade in this category. If you’re cutting thicker blocks, go for the 10″ at least.


This one’s easy – go for a 15 Amp motor, and at least 4500 RPM cutting speed. The range that you’re really looking out for is between 4500 – 5000 RPM in this category.

Rip Capacity

Rip Capacity is a huge consideration. A fence that only goes out 10-12 inches is going to seriously hinder your ability to cut wider sheets. We love the 32.5″ rip capacity on the Dewalt model that we selected as our favorite, but the Metaboo has a huge 35″ rip capacity. We don’t like to go below 30″, but if you’re only doing small jobs, that might not bother you quite so much.

Fence Stability

It’s infuriating when you’ve got a fence that sags, wobbles, or doesn’t hold a firm 90 degree angle when it’s fully extended. This is one of the first things we look for when we’re gauging the build quality of a table saw. The Makita on this list does a really good job of staying firm – so check that one out if you’re looking for a table saw that’s got a great stable fence.

Our other tip when it comes to fence stability is to look for a rack and pin style fence. They’re way nicer for doing fine-tuned adjustments.

Final Thoughts

For us, the best portable table saw is the Dewalt DWE7491RS. Dewalt’s great brand reputation means it often rises to the top of our lists, but here, it’s ability to balance power and portability is exceedingly good. Our other pick would be the Skilsaw SPT99-11. The main drawing card for the Skilsaw SPT99-11 is its excellent dolly and wheel combination, making it a really sturdy and mobile portable table saw.

We hope this review of the best jobsite table saws has been useful for you as you research into the best saw for your own needs. Don’t forget to do your own research to find out what’s best in your own circumstances.

Simon & Chris