5 Best Miter Saw Stands – Review

Our top Pick

Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise

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Our pick for the best miter saw is the Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise. It’s a collapsible dolly-style stand for portability and easy storage.

If you want to save a little money, consider going for a sawhorse-style miter saw stand like the high quality Dewalt DWX724.

I got a miter saw stand for two reasons. First, I needed a simple portable stand to do my cuts on the worksite. Second, I liked the idea of an end stop to make identical repetitive cuts – which I didn’t have when sitting the saw on my work table.

Chances are, you’re here on this product review for similar reasons. A miter saw stand simply makes using your miter saw so much easier when on a worksite – and you end up with less mistakes and a more professional product at the end of the day.

There are two main styles you can choose from: the sawhorse style and the X-brace rolling dolly style. The rolling dolly style is more expensive, but also has significantly better features like the rolling function and the fact you can keep your saw attached to the table even when it’s packed away.

I’ve written a buyers guide at the end of this article to outline my process for selecting a miter saw. But for now, here are my top recommendations for  

The best stands for miter saws are:

  • Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise
  • DEWALT DWX726 Rolling
  • BORA Portamate PM-4000
  • Evolution Power Tools EVOMS1
  • Toughbuilt 124″ Universal Mount
  • Makita WST06

Best Miter Saw Stands

Top Miter Saw Stands


Quick Review

Our Rating

1. Bosch T4B Gravity-RiseRolling DollyIn a class of its own. The intuitive design and build quality on this portable miter saw stand makes it a cut above the rest. Compatible with all major miter saw brands. (Go to review)


2. DEWALT DWX726 RollingRolling DollyGet this one if you want an affordable and easy to setup portable miter saw stand. The one big downside is that the work support arms don’t provide the support you’d expect. (Go to review)


3. DEWALT DWX724SawhorseWe’re very impressed with the build quality on this, and rate it as the best miter saw sawhorse table. (Go to review)


4. BORA Portamate PM-4000SawhorseAffordable, quick setup, and lightweight. We’ve pushed this down the ratings a little due to some complaints we’ve seen about welding quality on the joints. (Go to review)


5. Toughbuilt 124″ Universal MountSawhorse with wheelsThe wheels on this sawhorse drew our eye. Once it’s folded, you can wheel it to and from your job site. (Go to review)


6. Evolution Power Tools EVOMS1SawhorseWhile the build quality is good, our one and only concern is it sits very low – at just 29″ above the ground. It’s just a bit too too low for a tall workman and this gets annoying fast. (Go to review)


7. Makita WST06Sawhorse with wheelsWhile Makita had the right idea about adding wheels to their sawhorse, the wheels are far too close together, compromising stability. (Go to review)


1. Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise

Quick Review: In a class of its own. The intuitive design and build quality on this portable miter saw stand makes it a cut above the rest. Compatible with all major miter saw brands.

This is the best miter saw stand without a shadow of a doubt in our opinion. The designers have thought everything through so it’s easy to use, adjust, and move about. It comes on 8 inch pneumatic wheels for rolling it to your next job and locks firmly in place when you get there.

The ‘gravity rise’ in the name refers to the patented easy-to-use setup. It folds easily into storage then with the flick of a release button the stand ‘rises’ into place. All in all, it’s got an incredibly fast set up time and packs away neatly when not in use.

That said, when you get it, put aside 30 minutes for construction. 

Another thing that makes it stand out from competitors is the 16 foot wingspan that does a great job of supporting long cuts.

It’s made of heavy duty, versatile steel components with just a few plastic and aluminum finishes. Because of the heavy duty build quality, there will be a bit of weight behind it unfortunately. It comes in at 77 pounds. Add the miter saw on top of that and you’re looking at a hefty piece of equipment. Lucky you’ve got those wheels! 

Here’s a great review of the Bosch T4B Gravity Rise if you’d like to see it in action before making your purchase:

Why This One

Keep in Mind

Durable: Should last as long as the saw.

Portable: On wheels for you to roll it around with ease.

Big Wingspan: Can fold out to over 16 ft for cutting long stock.

Telescoping Leg: You can operate it on a slant with the telescoping leg to give it stability in tight spaces.

Universal Mounting: Should fit just about any miter saw from all the major brands.

Heavy: You wouldn’t want to be loading this in and out of a truck with the saw on it.

Not the Cheapest: It’s a top of the range product, so you’ll you able to find cheaper products with less features..

2. DEWALT DWX726 Rolling

Quick Review: Get this one if you want an affordable and easy to setup portable miter saw stand. The one big downside is that the work support arms don’t provide the support you’d expect.

DEWALT [1] has come out with a combination saw miter stand and planer stand for multi-purpose jobs. (It claims to accept planers up to 16 inches wide with infeed and outfeed support for planers. In reality, if you want to mount the planer to the stand, 16 inches might be a bit of a stretch. 15 inches would work though.)

The biggest drawing card of this miter stand is that it’s on wheels and moves around like a dolly. It uses an easy hydraulic system to raise the stand from its packed down position. You can do it one handed with the hydraulic assist. So big props for ease of setup and portability.

We’ll also give them a thumbs-up for excellent instructions for construction, and in fact this is the one area where we think they may even have one up over the Bosch T4B.

It’s also a heavy duty and stable design, and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the build quality.

The downside, as explained in the review video below, is that the work support arms aren’t much chop for longer cuts. There’s still room for improvement in terms of feed support in this model.

Why This One

Keep in Mind

Portable on a Dolly: We like that you can move this one around the job site with ease.

Very good Design: It’s very sturdy and well made.

Easy Construction: It’s probably the easiest to construct miter saw stand on the market today.

Pneumatic Lift for Easy Setup: You can raise and lower it from packed to standing positions with just one hand.

No Stop Fence: We like to have a stop fence so we can make equal length cuts with ease.

Work Support Arms aren’t Great: As you’ll see from reviews all over the place (including the video above), the work support arms aren’t sturdy enough for holding longer cuts of wood.

No Power Cord Bracket: We wish it would have come with space for holding and storing your power cords.


Quick Review: We’re very impressed with the build quality on this, and rate it as the best miter saw stand in the sawhorse category.

The DEWALT DWX724 continues Dewalt’s reputation of producing high quality products.

The DWX724 is lightweight, coming in at under 30 lbs. Its legs fold in for a compact product that fits easily in the back of your truck. Carry it to your job site and deploy the folding legs with a simple snap pin design.

But the main drawing card of this one is just how sturdy and well designed it truly is. You’re not going to come across complaints about the welding on this one – it continues Dewalt’s well-earned reputation for strength.

-Universal design works with all brands of miter saws.

-Extension Lock Levers allow for fast and secure locking of extensions.

We also like that the extension arms have work stops which can be extended and re-positioned along the 40″ rail. This makes it great for precise repeat cuts if you’re wanting to cut the same lengths for several pieces of wood.

While the extension has work stops, it doesn’t have rollers – so you’d either have to drag the wood along the top of the stops or accept that you’re getting a saw stand here that doesn’t use rollers. This is a give-and-take. You get the work stops (which I love) but not the rollers. 

Lastly, like the above stands, this one comes with quick universal mounting brackets compatible with all major miter tool brands.

Why This One

Keep in Mind

Lightweight: This is one of the lightest stands you’ll find on the list.

Heavy Duty Build: The build quality of this one is excellent – as expected from a trusted brand.

Work Stops: The work stops are great for repeat cuts of the same length.

No Rollers: You can’t place your boards on rollers for this one – you have to use the work stops.

No Wheels: You’ll have to carry it to your work site, not roll it. You’ll also have to carry the miter saw separately, unlike the dolly designs that have the saw permanently attached to the stand.

4. BORA Portamate PM-4000

Quick Review: Affordable, quick setup, and lightweight. We’ve pushed this down the ratings a little due to some complaints we’ve seen about welding quality on the joints.

BORA [2] has put a strong emphasis on quick, easy setup for this stand. It’s easy to deploy the folding legs with a simple snap pin design. Simply carry it to the job and set it up in seconds. You’ll want to carry the miter tool separately, but it’s got an easy quick mounting setup to snap the saw onto the stand in seconds. The quick mount attachment (included) is universal for any of the major miter saw brands.

You might want to go with this option if you really want a lightweight miter saw stand. At 30 pounds, it’s half the weight of the two competitors above. This is necessary given that you’ll be carrying this one to and from the job site, not wheeling it.

Now for a few minor complaints.

We’ve heard the welding on this one can sometimes be a little poor. This gave us the red flag that the product’s build quality may leave a little to be desired. Many people haven’t had that experience, but just take note that you may be one of the unlucky ones who ends up getting a stand with unsatisfying welding. 

The other complaint (and this one’s a common one) is that the work support extension arms can sag and twist when working with longer boards. So while it officially supports boards up to 10 feet long, you may find yourself fiddling around or getting additional roller supports.

Why This One

Keep in Mind

Simple Fast Setup: We like the folding legs that snap out with ease and snap back in for small discrete storage.

Quick Mounting of Saw: This one comes with a quick mounting attachment 

Half the Weight of Competitors: The BORA PM-4000 weighs 30 Lbs, while both the Dewalt and Bosch products above both come in at over 60 Lbs.

Not on Wheels: We prefer the dolly-style miter saw stands like the first two on the list.

Work Support Arm Sagging Issues: Like many other saw stands on this list, many people have reported issues with the support arms sagging.

Not Height Adjustable: It sits at 36″ high, which is a comfortable height, but just keep in mind that it’s not height adjustable.

5. Toughbuilt TB-S550

Quick Review: The wheels on this sawhorse drew our eye. Once it’s folded, you can wheel it to and from your job site.

The Toughbuilt [3] S550 is a hybrid between the sawhorse and dolly style stands. You can roll this stand to the jobsite when it’s in its deconstucted state, then construct it at the worksite by deploying the legs to turn it into a sawhorse style stand.

The ability to wheel this sawhorse to your jobsite mean Toughbuilt has taken the liberty of making it a little heavier than your carry-only models. It clocks in at 55 lbs. Again, this is hybrid between the heavier (70 lbs+) dolly style and lighter (35 lbs or less) sawhorse style.

But what we love about this one is the wingspan. Fully stretched, the extension arms go out to 124″ in either direction. And unlike competitors, it has 4 material supports to prevent long cuts from sagging. This is something that puts the TB-S550 miles ahead of many of its competitors. The material supports aren’t rollers, but they’re rounded on the top to make dragging the wood easy with minimal friction. In our opinion, it’s as good as a roller.

And what we love is that the end supports have work stops, making this one of the few saw stands with both material supports and work stops. You get the benefits of roller supports plus work stops for repeat precision cut – again, this gives the TB-S550 a leg up over competitors.

We have three complaints. First, the height of 33 inches is still a little less than we’d like. The higher the saw, the easier it is to sight your cut lines. Second, the design is not as sturdy or high quality as the Dewalts on this list. And third, at full extension the arms wobble, meaning your work stops won’t give you the precise lengths your looking for when doing duplicate cuts.

Why This One

Keep in Mind

Rolls to Job Site: We like that you can roll it to your job site on the wheels when it’s deconstructed. Construction takes mere seconds.

4 Material Supports: We like that it has 4 supports to prevent sagging of long planks.

Stop Ends: Stop ends are great when you want to make duplicate cuts of the same length.

Heavier than it has to Be: If they swapped out the legs from steel to metal, they’d likely see a significant cut in the overall weight.

Can be Wobbly: If you’re on a wobbly surface, don’t expect to get precision duplicate cuts when using the stop ends.

Still too Short: We have the same complaint about most stands on this list – at at 33 inches, it’s still quite short.

6. Evolution Power Tools EVOMS1

Quick Review: While the build quality is good, our one and only concern is it sits very low – at just 29″ above the ground. It’s just a bit too too low for a tall workman.

For an affordable miter saw stand, this one has some nice pros. The first thing that appealed to us about the EVOMS1 is the end stops. As I outlined at the beginning of this article, we first started looking into getting a miter saw stand because I wanted to make multiple precision cuts faster.

We also like the adjustable roller height which helps eliminate a lot of those issues with sagging boards when making cuts on long lengths of wood. Evolution Power Tools claims this stand can support 10 foot boards, but in reality it has a 6 inch wingspan and the rest hangs over so bear that in mind.

Like the PM-4000 above, this one is also very lightweight (33 lbs) – great for carrying it to and from a worksite. Also like the PM-4000, it has a quick release universal mounting bracket, and super easy setup with snap-lock legs that can be deployed in seconds.

So, what’s not to like?

One big issue. The height. I (a 6″ 2′ man) can’t stand working at tables that are just 29 inches high. It’s way too low for my liking. They really need to upgrade to a higher table like the PM-4000. 

Why This One

Keep in Mind

End Stops: We like that the roller extensions can also double-up as end stops on this one for perfect length cuts.

Quick Release Mounting Brackets: Just like the PM-4000, this one also has quick release mounting brackets to make placing your miter saw easy. The brackets are universal for most major miter saw brands.

Lightweight: It’s lighter than the rolling dolly cart style stands.

Easy Setup: Unfold the legs for the table within seconds. They lock into space easily.

Adjustable Roller Height: We like that you can raise the rollers to prevent sag for longer lengths of wood.

Low Working Height: We don’t like that it only stands at 29′ high, compared to 36′ for the BORA PM-4000. If you’re tall, you won’t be happy.

7. Makita WST06

Quick Review: While Makita had the right idea about adding wheels to their sawhorse, the wheels are far too close together, compromising stability.

While we typically are fans of Makita [4], we’re sorry to say Dewalt has one over them when it comes to miter saw mounds. Nontheless, it’s still a sturdy sawhorse for a workshop.

Like the Toughbuilt TB-S550 (reviewed above), this Makita WST06 sawhorse can be wheeled when folded up. But Toughbuilt wins this contest in our view. The wheels for the Makita are very close together, giving it less stability when rolling.

The support extensions are also a little shorter than many competitors, coming in at just over 100″. On one end you have a roller support and on the other end a flat support. The flat support can be converted into a stop block for making repeat cuts at the same length. When the support extensions are extended, they’re a little more wobbly than you’d hope, but for most base models (with the exception of the Dewalt DWX724), you’ll have this same issue.

It also comes in at a typical weight for the sawhorse styles at just under 35 pounds.

Overall, this is probably your baseline choice for a miter saw stand.

Check out this video review if you want a visual overview:

Why This One

Keep in Mind

Rolls when Packed Down: It’s a good idea that you can roll it when it’s packed, and even leave the miter saw on it. But the execution isn’t great because the wheels are too close together for stability.

Roller and Block Stop: We like that you can use it for both a roller and a block stop for maximum versatility.

We Don’t Like the Wheels: The wheels are far too close together for stability on this. Furthermore, they’re plastic rather than rubber, the bumps don’t get absorbed too well. 

Nothing Outstanding: Overall we get the ‘it’ll do the just but is just about the baseline’ vibe from this one.

What to Look for in a Miter Saw Stand

It’s Got to Be Portable – Dolly vs Sawhorse

There are two main types of saw stands. You can either get a dolly style stand which sits on wheels, or a  sawhorse style. The sawhorse style is more lightweight with aluminum construction, but requires you to carry it to and from the job site. You will also find you will be adding and removing your saw from the sawhorse models more often. Meanwhile, the dolly style is heavier, but also tends to have durable wheels so you won’t be carrying it much except to get it in and out of your truck. We like that with the dolly style saw stands you usually just keep the saw on them permanently, and they’re designed so you can fold them up with the saw still attached.

Adjustable Height Material Supports

The material supports are the extendable wings on a saw table that hold boards when you’re working on long cuts. They’re usually rollers. You’re going to want to adjust the height of these supports when you get the saw table so it’s flush with the miter saw you attach.

One of the biggest issues with material supports is that they tend to sag the further out they are from the table itself. One way to manage this is to ensure you get a saw horse with adjustable height material supports, so the sag can be offset by adjustable heights.

Rollers and End Stops

Material supports usually come as rollers or end stops. There are others which are rounded like rollers but do not roll, and these are fine, too. We personally like to have end stops on ours which are useful for repeat precision cuts so you have duplicate lengths, which is a common requirement.

Quick Release Universal Mounting Bracket

One concern you may have is that your saw won’t fit a different brand of saw table. Fortunately, this concern is offset by the use of a quick release universal mounting bracket. These brackets come with most saw stands. You attached the brackets to the miter saw, and then you can quickly clip the bracket itself to the stand. They usually also have a function to allow you to un-clip the bracket and slide the saw up and down the stand, then clip it again to secure it in place. 

Stability and Build Quality

Stability is possibly the biggest differentiating factor for the above saw stands. In particular, keep your eye on how much give there is on the extension arms and material supports. If they have too much give, the cut lengths won’t be as precise as you’d like. The Dewalt products tend to fare the best when it comes to stability and build quality.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best miter saw stand is the Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise. It’s a high quality, durable, and very well built dolly style stand. It’s the best for both portability and storage. If you want to go for a cheaper sawhorse style, go for the BORA Portamate PM-4000 or Dewalt DWX724. Beware that as you move down the price scale, quality drops fast.

We hope this review has been helpful!

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