7 Best Garden Scooters with Seats

Our top Pick: Karmas Steerable Garden Stool Cart

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Our pick for the best garden scooters with seats is the Karmas Steerable Garden Stool Cart. We think it is an all-round quality scooter that offers a solid frame, ease of handling/adjustments and storage space, ticking all the right boxes for us.

A garden scooter with a seat is a great way to make gardening a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. We like to find one with a comfortable, even cushioned seat. But the big thing that lets a lot of garden scooters down is their build quality. That’s why most of our top reviewed products are steel framed models designed to be sturdy and durable.

We have a full explanation of our selection criteria at the end of this review. But first, we’ll show you our top picks.

The best garden scooters with seats are:

  • Karmas Steerable Garden Stool Cart with Tool Tray and Storage Basket
  • Muscle Carts DRGS331722 Rolling Garden Stool
  • Suncast Outdoor Rolling Garden Scooter
  • Pure Garden 75-MJ2011 20″ Plastic Garden Storage Cart & Scooter
  • Miracle-Gro 4-in-1 Garden Stool
  • AMES 1123047100 Buddy Lawn and Garden Cart
  • Pure Garden 82-VY021 Rolling Scooter with Seat and Tool Tray

Below is a comparison table, then under this we’ll do a detailed review of each product. This information is shared as personal opinion for our situation only, and does not constitute professional advice to you.

Best Garden Scooters with Seats – Comparison Cart



Product Name

Standout Features


Our Rating


Karmas Steerable Garden Stool Cart✓ Sturdy – Better than plastic models.
✓ Comfortable – Seat can be height adjusted.
✓ Durable – We’re fans of the metal design.


2. Muscle Carts Rolling Garden Stool✓ Sturdy: The 300lb weight capacity.
✓ Storage: Nice basket & tool tray.
✓ Adjustable:
360 degree swivel seat.


3. Suncast Outdoor Rolling Garden Scooter✓ Cushion: The padding is nice.
✓ Highly Rated: Online reviews are generally positive.
✓ Cup Holder:
Great for hydration!


4. Pure Garden 20″ Storage Cart & Scooter✓ Lightweight – Good for elderly.
✓ Storage – The storage is better than most.
✓ Large Wheels – We like this for rough terrain.


5. Miracle-Gro 4-in-1 Garden Stool✓ Padded Kneeling Station – Good for weeding,
✓ Padded Seat – Sit in comfort.
✓ Compact – We Folds away well.


6. AMES Buddy Lawn and Garden Cart✓ Storage – The storage is better than most.
✓ Weather Protection – Can protect contents from wet weather.


7. Pure Garden Rolling Scooter with Seat and Tool Tray✓ Small – Can be discretely stored.
✓ Lightweight – Can be lifted easily.
✓ No Fuss – Doesn’t have the bells and whistles.


Full Seated Garden Scooter Reviews

1. Karmas Steerable Garden Stool Cart with Tool Tray and Storage Basket

Quick Review: We think the Karmas steerable garden scooter is an all-round quality scooter that offers a solid frame, ease of handling/adjustments and storage space, ticking all the right boxes for us.

Our Rating: 9/10

Hopefully the quick review above sums up the Karmas garden scooter well enough. In our opinion it’s got most things we’d need from a gardening scooter.

Firstly, we are impressed that it comes with steel constructed frame and 10” pneumatic tires. This gives us confidence that it should have solid and smooth functions and should allow use in most garden environments.

The seat is height adjustable and has a 360-degree swivel capability allowing users to work comfortably at a range of heights. It also has an extendable steering handle for easy movement around the garden.

For storage, it has under-seat tool tray as well as a storage basket to keep all tools within a central work area. We think the storage is good for the basic tools, but people who are wanting to cart a large number of gardening tools, plants, etc. around for their job might prefer a model with greater storage capacity.

The 300lb weight capacity is also one of the highest on the market and is heavy-duty enough to be suitable for those that require a more solid scooter.

Simon’s Verdict: “This one’s my pick! It’s solid, adjustable, easy to use, has adequate storage for basic tools and is everything I would want from a garden scooter.”

We have two people reviewing products for all our product reviews (Simon and Chris) and this product was Simon’s pick of the bunch. Chris, on the other hand, was a little weary about the lower storage capacity on this model compared to many others.



Solid Build: The solid steel frame and 10” pneumatic tires mean that this product is something you’d purchase for long term durability.

Adjustable: The height adjustable seat (with 360 degree swivel) and extending handle mean that you can work comfortably during all gardening jobs.

Heavy-Duty: A 300lb weight capacity is a best in class for those that need a solid and heavy-duty scooter.

Heavy: The one main downside is that the solid steel structure means this is quite heavy at 30lbs, especially if you need to lift it at any point.

Storage: We were divided here. It has additional storage in the form of a tool tray and storage basket, but not the most storage out of the pack.

2. Muscle Carts DRGS331722 Rolling Garden Stool

Quick Review: We feel this one is a sturdy and multi-terrain scooter for use in less accessible gardens.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

We feel the Muscle Carts DRGS331722 is a solid and sturdy garden stool that is worth a look for people who need a stool with a larger weight capacity.

The steel frame construction not only makes for a solid build but the powder coat finish means that this product should withstand outdoor conditions over time. A 300lb weight capacity is also one of the best in class.

10” pneumatic wheels should roll easily over most garden terrains and the adjustable seat (360 degree swivel) and handle mean that most people could comfortably use this scooter for a variety of gardening jobs without much strain from bending or kneeling.

The versatile design of this product means that it’s not only suitable for gardening but could also be used in other DIY or home maintenance jobs such as painting, cleaning and other tasks that require unnecessary manual exertion.

Due to the solid construction and sturdiness of the product, we do like this model. However, we’re weary that many online reviewers have noted that the assembly is difficult, with several noting that unclear instructions and parts not labeled made assembly a frustrating experience.



Sturdy: The 300lb weight capacity and steel frame construction make this frame sturdy and durable.

Storage: The tool tray and basket are a great combination for seated garden stools as you will typically only get a basket with similarly designed stools.

Adjustable: The adjustable tractor style seat (with full 360 degree swivel) and adjustable handle make this a good choice for a variety of gardening job uses in our opinion.

No Handle Lock: The handle is extendable in height however it cannot be locked into place meaning it can’t be used as a lean support.

3. Suncast Outdoor Rolling Garden Scooter

Quick Review: The Suncast outdoor rolling scooter offers a low maintenance solution and padded cushion.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

We think the Suncast outdoor rolling scooter is a deceptively versatile garden scooter that offers both a storage solution alongside a gardening support tool.

This is a low maintenance product that is designed to support gardening work without any hassle. Besides functioning as a storage cart you’ll also find that this product has a range of additional features to support gardening work. A drinks holder, removable tool tray, removable kneeling pad, pull-strap and lid that doubles as a seat all combine to make a very versatile product.

Chris Says: “I love that this model has a removable tool tray and a cushioned seat for comfort.”

The rolling scooter comes fully assembled for ease of use and our only con to note is that it doesn’t seem to be an exceedingly heavy-duty product for professional landscapers.

So, overall we feel this rolling scooter could cover most basic gardening needs. it’s low maintenance, has a range of features and is a great idea for light gardening or basic DIY jobs around the house.



Low Maintenance: This garden stool is both waterproof making it rust and crack free and is also easy to clean for low maintenance use.

Highly Rated: This is by no means a premium product however it does come highly rated by the majority of customers.

Additional Features: The drinks holder, removable tool tray and removable kneeling pad are all small yet helpful additions.

Steering: We personally feel straps don’t offer the same level of stability as a fixed handle and therefore can make it harder to steer during use than some other models on the market.

4. Pure Garden 75-MJ2011 20″ Plastic Garden Storage Cart & Scooter

Quick Review: The Pure Garden 75-MJ2011 is a surprisingly useful storage solution. We think it stands out as a lightweight and convenient garden scooter.

Our Rating: 8/10

The Pure Garden 75-MJ2011 is a timeless model when it comes to garden scooters. It’s seen some slight manufacturing changes over the years however it’s still a convenient product that can be good for keeping gardening items well organized.

The storage capacity is the main feature with this product. The storage compartment itself is spacious with dimensions of 7.5” (H) x 8” (L) x 15.5” (W), though the key addition is the removable tool tray.

This allows you to keep all items well organized and you have a moveable tool station that you can work from. The 2” wheels are made from hard plastic which isn’t ideal for rough terrain but they should still move smoothly over most garden surfaces.

The lid is multi-functional. It operates as a storage cart when not in use and can quickly detach for ease of access or act as a seat that can support up to 220lbs during use.

It’s not a heavy-duty garden scooter like you’d find with steel frame options, however, it does come in with a very affordable price as a result of this and the fact that it also comes pre-assembled means it’s great value in our opinion for a basic garden scooter or storage solution.

This model also rates highly in our review of the best garden carts of the year.



Storage Capacity: The removable tool tray is a great addition meaning you can keep all your gardening tools organized and in one central location.

Price: This is one of the most affordable and value for money garden scooters on the market.

Pre-Assembled: The product comes ready-made with no assembly required.

Frame: We prefer the bare steel framed models in our top 2 picks personally as we feel as if they’re more durable overall.

5. Miracle-Gro 4-in-1 Garden Stool

Quick Review: The Miracle-Gro 4-in-1 garden stool can help minimize gardening strain and can make work considerably more comfortable as a result with its padded kneeling station and seat.

Our Rating: 8/10

We feel the miracle-Gro 4-in-1 garden stool is a lightweight and affordably priced product that aims to make gardening an effortless task.

This product has some excellent features in our opinion in terms of ergonomics (the padded kneeling station that flips into a seat).

At only 4.4lbs, this stool is incredibly lightweight and easily portable even without the rolling function, yet still has a solid weight capacity of up to 220lbs.

The main selling point of the product is of course the 4-in-1 functionality, the rolling and storage feature are quite standard but the seat that can flip into a padded kneeling station which is great for working comfortably and ergonomically during a range of gardening tasks.

So, we feel this is a very competitive and affordably priced product that features a 2-year warranty for those consumers that might be concerned about the overall build quality and longevity.

But on the flip side we read a lot of online reviews that highlighted what appeared to be design flaws, including the clasps frequently coming undone and parts coming loose well before their time.



Lightweight: At 4.4lbs, this is one of the lightest and most portable garden stools on the market.

Price: Considering the features and reputable brand, this product is highly competitive when it comes to cost.

Warranty: A 2-year warranty provides peace of mind for those that are unsure about the durability of a plastic garden stool.

Frame: We prefer the bare steel framed models in our top 2 picks personally as we feel as if they’re more durable overall.

6. AMES 1123047100 Buddy Lawn and Garden Cart

Quick Review: This model appears to be an easy to use a cart with a good sized storage capacity for hassle-free gardening.

Our Rating: 8/10

The Ames Buddy lawn and garden cart is a basic yet easy to use garden scooter that we think could turn out to be a solid investment for the right gardening enthusiast.

The storage capacity is the key feature of this product. 2 cubic feet of storage is by no means the largest on the market but it provides more than enough weatherproof storage for a range of tools in our opinion.

It appears to be a sturdy unit and the lid is designed with versatility in mind as it doubles as either a handle for movement around the garden or as a seat for working down low to the ground. Our one main concern with this product is the lack of clarification on weight capacity.

There are some starkly differing views when it comes to customer feedback as some state it can hold a weight of 200lbs and over with ease whereas others claim that lid just doesn’t hold up well at all with heavier weight.

In terms of mobility, the scooter can move around most gardens with absolute ease thanks to the larger than standard 7” wheels. Overall, this is quite a basic product when it comes to garden scooters but it appears by most reports to function smoothly and easily for hassle-free gardening.



Storage: The 2 cubic foot storage capacity is more than enough to store a range of tools or move planters around with ease.

Design: Despite a basic design, the lid functioning as a handle and seat appear very ergonomic and easy to use.

Basic Model: There are very few additional features with this product, it’s a basic, no-frills garden scooter.

7. Pure Garden 82-VY021 Rolling Scooter with Seat and Tool Tray

Quick Review: The Pure Garden 82-VY021 rolling scooter is a small, lightweight and portable garden scooter that could be good for quick jobs around the garden.

Our Rating: 7.5/10

The Pure Garden 82-VY021 comes across an easy to use, portable garden scooter that might be well suited to older/senior users.

The portability of this product is really the main standout feature. It’s small in size and lightweight with rolling functionality and could be good for quick movement around the garden.

The steel and hard plastic frame allow for a sturdy and solid structure and while it has a 200lb weight limit which is reasonably good, we read some online reviewers that state they would choose not to put that much weight on it for fear of cracking the product. Some reviewers also report that the assembly instructions are poor and that, despite a solid frame, the moving parts are not easy to secure into place.

We like the idea of the handy under seat tool tray for additional tool storage as well.

Overall, we see this model as a relatively lightweight and portable garden scooter. For the low price, we would consider giving it a chance.



Portability: The lightweight, rolling frame should make this one easy to move around the garden.

Price: This is one of the lowest priced garden scooters on the market.

Assembly: Some reviewers state that the assembly instructions are not clear.

Seat: Reviewers have also noted that the seat is prone to cracking when overloaded.

What we Look for in the Best Garden Scooter with a Seat

The Seat!

Of course, you’re here because you want a seat in your garden! But not all seats are made the same. We find many people prefer a cushion seat – and that’s fair! A nice padded cushion seat has its obvious benefits. Keep in mind the potential for these cushion seats to be weather worn, stained or damaged by your tools. These aren’t the sorts of seats you’ll want to leave outside between jobs.

There are also metal or plastic seats designed to be heavier-duty. The metal seats on our top 2 picks, for example, are contoured for added comfort.

Metal and plastic seats often (but not always) have the adjustability bonus as well. You can raise and lower the seat to get it to your preferred height, and they often swivel so you can work more comfortably at your garden.

Build Quality & Durability

We found build quality to be really variable. The best garden scooters, in our opinion, were the ones made of steel. They appear more sturdy and able to take a weight over time without sagging under the pressure. Plastic is known to fade and crack in the sun, so continued use of a plastic model over time may lead to faster wear.


When looking for outdoor products such as garden carts and garden scooters, we pay close attention to the wheels. By and large we like wheels that are at least 8 inches in diameter and made of never-flat material such as a sturdy rubber. The reason we like larger wheels is because they tend to withstand the bumps and uneven terrain of outdoor spaces more than smaller plastic wheels, which often catch in grooves and cause unnecessary dramas.


Lastly, we take a close look at storage requirements when making selections. There’s a variety to pick from here – from the simple tool holder under the seat, to baskets behind the seat, to an entire under-seat storage bin. We were divided on what we liked here – showing just how subjective these rankings are. Simon liked the simple small storage spots of our Top 2 garden scooters. Chris (our editor) preferred the larger storage containers that usually have a seat on the lid. It’s a personal preference thing! The main question is: how much storage do you think you need?

Final Thoughts

Garden scooters are some of the best garden carts for seniors, because they’re designed with comfort and easy maneuverability in mind. But it’s not easy to find the right garden scooter. This review of the best garden scooters with seats has provided some examples and our ratings of them for our personal circumstances.

Personally, we’re quite bullish on the Karmas Steerable Garden Stool Cart for ourselves. Of course, none of this constitutes advice – professional or otherwise – for you or your circumstances, so do your own due diligence and consult a professional.

We hope this general information has been useful though as you go about searching for the best garden scooter with a seat!

Simon & Chris