7 Best Budget Miter Saws under $300

Our top Pick: Craftsman CMCS714M1 Sliding Miter Saw Kit

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Our pick for the best budget miter saw is the Craftsman CMCS714M1 Sliding Miter Saw Kit. This is a unique and innovative miter saw that is highly rated, comes from a reputable brand, and (impressively) is a cordless model.

The Best Budget Miter Saws

The best best budget miter saws are:

  • Craftsman CMCS714M1 Sliding Miter Saw Kit
  • Delta S26-263L Shopmaster Miter Saw w/Laser
  • Genesis GMS1015LC Compound Miter Saw
  • Tacklife EMS01A Compound Sliding Miter Saw
  • Kobalt Compact Sliding Laser Compound Miter Saw
  • Hitachi C10FCG Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw
  • General International MS3005 Compound Sliding Miter Saw

This information is shared as personal opinion for our situation only, and does not constitute professional advice to you – so make your choice wisely and if in doubt, consult your nearest gardening shop!

First, we’ll provide a comparison table, then under this we’ll do a detailed review of each product.

Budget Miter Saws – Full Reviews

1. Craftsman CMCS714M1 Sliding Miter Saw Kit

Quick Review: The Craftsman CMCS714M1 is a unique and innovative miter saw that is highly rated, comes from a reputable brand, and (impressively) is a cordless model.

  • Cordless 20V
  • 7 ¼” Blade
  • Our Rating: 9.5/10

The Craftsman CMCS714M1 is an incredibly highly rated product and for good reason. It’s powerful, portable and somehow comes in at a budget friendly price!

The key selling point or feature with this model is the fact that it has cordless functionality and is powered by a 20V battery. This makes it one of the most portable miter saws on the market which is further emphasized by the impressively light weight of only 21 pounds.

It may be a cordless model but it doesn’t sacrifice power to achieve this. The 20V battery powers a speed of 3,800 RPM to comfortably make angle and bevel cuts without bogging down.

Chris Says: “The thing that really impresses me about this model is just how satisfied its users are. Just take a look at the Amazon reviews to see some very satisfied customers. In terms of specs, the thing I really like is that it’s a cordless model.”

An LED line guide helps to eliminate shadow for a clear cutting line while the 9 positive indent stops and sliding functionality of the saw allow for accurate miter cuts even with larger stock.

One thing to keep in mind is the size of the blade: at just 7 1/4 Inches, you’ll have a limited cutting depth. For professionals working on larger stock, 10 inch blades may be preferred.

Overall, this is one of the most impressive miter saws we’ve come across and you’ll find that it’s well reviewed from hobbyist woodworkers to professional carpenters.



Highly Rated: Craftsman is a leading brand and the reviews on this product are very good.

Cordless: Powered by a 20V battery, this cordless miter saw allows for good portability and the option to use it anywhere without restriction.

Ease Of Use: The sliding functionality is smooth and the cuts should be accurate and clean.

Power: It’s known to be noticeably powerful and smooth for a cordless saw – but don’t expect the same level of power that you would get with a 15Amp, 10” miter saw.

Left Bevel Only: Does not bevel to the right, so you might need to flip your stock at times to get the right cutting angle.

Small Blade: At just 7 1/4 Inches, you’ll have a limited cutting depth. For professionals working on larger stock, 10 inch blades may be preferred.

2. Delta S26-263L Shopmaster Miter Saw w/Laser

Quick Review: The Delta Shopmaster could is a high quality miter saw that offers precision and power at a budget price in our opinion.

  • 15 Amp
  • 10” Blade
  • Our Rating: 9/10

The Delta Shopmaster is a high quality saw that has been made available at a budget price and should allow a weekend DIY hobbyist to produce accurate and reliable cuts.

Precision is the key selling point with this product. Right out of the box you’ll find that cuts are accurate, straight, and clean and while it’s not necessarily needed in our opinion (due to the factory set accuracy) a laser line is also included to give added visibility for precise work.

In terms of how it stacks up against the competition, it has a few additional features that are good to see in a budget range miter saw. A dust port allows for enhanced dust extraction during use while the extension wings make it easier to work with longer stock. We would note, though, that dust extraction is not all that great in any miter saw on the market – so don’t expect miracles.

Chris Says: “I like how powerful this model is. It beats all competitors in this price point for power in my opinion. The one thing that would bother me a little is the left-side only bevel (but that’s only a small irritation).”

While it appears the product is precise, one drawback that we need to point out is that it does lack some versatility of use. It doesn’t have any positive stops to lock in specific angles and the indents are not secure enough to stay locked in during use. It’s also worth mentioning that there is left side bevel only with this product.

These drawbacks are very minor points though and we feel this is a quality miter saw that should be reliable and accurate straight out of the box.



Large Cutting Capacity: The 10” blade gives a large 12” cross cutting capacity for use on larger stock.

Accuracy: Cuts should be straight right out of the box and the laser guide allows for precise work to be done on angle and bevel cuts.

Added Features: The laser line, dust collection port and extension wings are great features packed into a budget priced product.

No Positive Stops: The indents on this saw do not allow the angle to be locked in and you will find that it can be susceptible to moving during use (especially when using large stock).

Left Bevel Only: Does not bevel to the right, so you might need to flip your stock at times to get the right cutting angle.

3. Genesis GMS1015LC Compound Miter Saw

Quick Review: This Genesis miter saw is an inexpensive and reliable model that can cover most basic DIY needs.

  • 15 Amp
  • 10” Blade
  • Our Rating: 9/10

Genesis might not be the most well known brand on the market but with the GMS1015LC miter saw they’ve designed and manufactured an impressive product at an affordable price.

Safety is a primary goal with this model. The electric brake stops the blade instantly and the arbor lock mechanism for the blade allows for fast and efficient blade changes.

An issue with many lightweight miter saws is that the vibration during use usually makes the saw move around however this model is well designed with a low center of gravity to provide stability and sturdiness.

A locking clamp is also useful for keeping stock securely in place during use, though the saw is on the smaller side, and as a result and it may be difficult to work with larger stock.

Chris Says: “When reviewing products I try to identify differentiating factors for each product. There are two for this one: first, the safety features are stronger than most. The other: it’s really affordable.”

This product also includes a few additional accessories and features that provide great value for the price and include a laser guide, extensions wings, and a dust collection bag.

Overall, this is a well designed product that provides impressive value for the price. There aren’t too many downsides with this product if we are being honest and a 2-year warranty just solidifies the value in our minds.



Safety Features: The electric brake stops the blade in seconds and the arbor lock allows for fast and efficient blade changes in between use.

Warranty: A 2-year warranty is a good inclusion with this product, especially when purchasing something in the budget price range.

Sturdy: This product is well designed to resist vibration with a low center of gravity during cuts and the locking clamp helps to keep stock in place during use.

Size: This saw is definitely on the smaller side when it comes to miter saws and is therefore not best suited to be used with larger stock.

4. Tacklife EMS01A Compound Sliding Miter Saw

Quick Review: The Tacklife EMS01A is a solid and durable miter saw that is built primarily for longevity and heavy-duty use.

  • 15 Amp
  • 10” Blade
  • Our Rating: 8.5/10

The Tacklife EMS01A is a great budget priced miter saw and you’ll find that it really makes use of some premium features considering its inexpensive price.

Firstly, this saw is built to withstand heavy-duty use with larger/wider stock and this is evident by some of the key features that it possesses. It has a solid construction with an iron blade guard which is a nice unique feature. It also has a sliding cutting design to accurately handle larger stock.

The saw comes with an extension table to keep stock stable whilst an innovative laser guide is utilized to track your cut for enhanced precision and accuracy.

Portability is another feature that we like with this model. It comes in at a relatively lightweight of 31.5 pounds making this saw good for use in both the workshop and out on the jobsite.

The dual-speed functionality means it can take a while to get up to speed (according to some users), but the option of 3200 RPM and 4500 RPM gives this miter saw great versatility for the type of stock it can work with.

Overall, we are pleasantly surprised by this miter saw’s portability and general build quality, especially considering this is not a market leading manufacturer.



Laser Guide: The innovative laser guide is used to create more accurate and precise cuts during use.

Heavy-Duty Build: The construction of this saw is solid and durable and even features an iron blade guard that is well suited to heavy-duty use.

Sliding Saw: The sliding functionality of this saw allows the user to easily handle larger stock with control and accuracy.

Not our Favorite Instructions: The instruction manual for installation and use is not our favorite.

5. Kobalt Compact Sliding Laser Compound Miter Saw

Quick Review: The Kobalt sliding miter saw is a lightweight and easy to use miter saw that also packs some power into its compact unit.

  • 10 Amp
  • 7 ¼” Blade
  • Our Rating: 8.5/10

The Kobalt may be one of the smallest miter saws that we are reviewing in this article but it by no means lacks on power or performance.

Firstly, this is one of the lightest miter saws on the market weighing in at less than 23 pounds. This is impressively light and makes it easy to transport this saw around the house or to and from the jobsite.

The one slight caveat is however that the smaller blade has a more limited cutting capacity than the larger 10” blades but it’s a minimal point unless you’re a professional!

Chris Says: “At just 23 pounds and with a 7 1/4 Inch blade, this model is the definition of compact!”

In terms of specs, the saw has a sufficiently powerful 10Amp motor that allows speeds of 5,000 RPM making it suitable for a range of stock sizes, though it may struggle with particularly dense stock.

It features positive stops for increased accuracy on angled cuts and also has an electric powered laser guide. This is a noticeable upgrade in the budget price category where most laser guides are battery powered and allow for increased convenience as well as accuracy.

The tall fence allows users to comfortably work with large stock on this compact saw and overall we’re really impressed by the performance capabilities of this saw considering its budget price.



Mains Powered Laser Guide: Most laser guides are battery powered however this model is mains powered for convenience.

Lightweight: With a weight of less than 23 pounds, this is easily one of the lightest miter saws on the market for ease of transport.

Tall Fence: The tall fence on this saw is an excellent addition and gives support and stability when using larger sized stock.

Small Blade: At just 7 1/4 Inches, you’ll have a limited cutting depth. For professionals working on larger stock, 10 inch blades may be preferred.

Few Reviews: There are very few reviews for this product online meaning it’s not a very popular or widely used product.

6. Hitachi C10FCG Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Quick Review: The Hitachi C10FCG is a lightweight yet powerful miter saw that allows users to cut a wide variety of sheet materials.

  • 15 Amp
  • 10” Blade
  • Our Rating: 8/10

The Hitachi C10FCG (now officially Metabo) is a noticeably powerful miter saw manufactured to be one of the lightest models on the market.

Weighing only 24.2 pounds, this is one of the lightest and most portable miter saws on the market allowing for portable work to be done. With that said, the power cord is on the shorter side so it is portable based on location but not necessarily well suited to all locations.

For a portable saw, this product packs quite a bit of power with the use of a 15 Amp, 2.57HP motor that provides speeds of 5,000 RPM. With this powerful motor, users should be able to comfortably work with a wide variety of stock materials.

There are positive stops located at all the commonly used angles for increased precision and accuracy on angled cuts and the 0 – 45 degree bevel is a good feature however the fact that it only has left hand bevel capability is quite limiting.

While this product certainly has some great features that make it usable, it’s still missing a few key features that would make this more suited to professional use and therefore it’s best used for DIY projects in our opinion.



Positive Stops: Thumb activated positive stops at commonly used angles allow for more precise and controlled cuts.

Lightweight: Weighing only 24.2 pounds, this saw is easily portable and has an included dust port making it good for use in a workshop or on the jobsite.

Powerful: A powerful 2.57HP motor provides 5,000 RPM allowing this saw to handle heavy wood stock as well as other sheet materials.

Quick Start: The no-load start allows for quick and uninterrupted work and generates power to the blade instantly.

Left Hand Bevel Only: This saw has a bevel range to the left only which will restrict flexibility of use.

Parts: This saw is not ready to use right out of the box and it’s important to check ALL parts are secure before use. Some users have damaged the product within the first few uses due to loose parts not being tightened up prior to use.

7. General International MS3005 Compound Sliding Miter Saw

Quick Review: The General International MS3005 is a no-frills miter saw that we feel is both accurate and repeatable.

  • 15 Amp
  • 10” Blade
  • Our Rating: 8/10

The General International MS3005 miter saw is known to be a reliable model that is targeted towards those that need a basic miter saw for angled cutting (hence the price point and place on this budget list).

Chris Says: “I wasn’t overly enthused by this product overall. It’s a solid and reliable product however there are other miter saws within this category (at a similar price) that have more advanced features.”

While this might be quite a basic model from a relatively unknown brand, that’s not to say it isn’t a good product. In fact, this saw has some good features that are the very reason for its inclusion on this list.

Firstly, the sliding functionality of this saw is smooth and should allow users to comfortably work with a variety of different sized stock. There are positive stops for the miter cuts and a built-in laser line to allow for precise and accurate cuts.

Another great feature is the push button, shaft-lock mechanism which allows for quick and efficient blade changes during use.

Finally, it has a range of additional features to make this an easy to use saw. A dust bag for dust extraction, a clamp to hold down and secure stock during use, and a rear stabilizing bar all combine to make this product fast, safe, and easy to use.



Fast Blade Changes: A push button shaft-lock mechanism allows for fast blade changes during use.  

Sliding Functionality: The saw’s sliding functionality is a great feature for cutting wider stock with ease.

Laser Guide: Laser alignment allows for accurate and precise cuts every time.

Basic Model: This model offers very basic features, especially when compared against some of the other miter saws on this list.

Stability: As it’s a lightweight model, many users recommended clamping or drilling the saw down during use to prevent tipping.

What we Look for in a Budget Miter Saw

Price – Duh!

Clearly that’s what you’re here for! So, we made sure we only selected miter saws that were $300 or less. Beware that price and quality do roughly correlate in this product category, so while it’s possible to find diamonds in the rough, you’re unlikely to get the overall best table saw under $300 – for that, you’d be looking at closer to $650 – $800. Nevertheless, there are still some good miter saws for homeowners and beginners in this lower price point that have all the basics, plus a few additional decent features. We think we’ve found a few of those good ones here.

Compound & Bevel

A good compound miter saw bevels to the left and right as well as providing miter cuts, while a single bevel miter saw only bevels to the left. Most budget miter saws are single bevel. The reality is as price goes down, you lose some of those nice features like dual bevel. This isn’t a deal breaker thought; dual bevel is a nice thing to have, but it’s not everything. We think having left-only bevel is a minor inconvenience, and if you’re working with smaller stock, it’s barely even an inconvenience. Nonetheless, the ability to do compound cuts – that are at both miter and bevel angles – is something that you’ll probably wish you had if you didn’t choose to get a compound miter saw.

Sliding vs. Fixed Miter Saws

A sliding miter saw sits on rails that run forward-to-back on a rail. This gives you the freedom to make wider cuts than with a fixed miter saw. Pull the head towards you to start the cut, drop the blade, then push it backward through the work piece. Sliding miter saws are increasingly common in today’s market to the point where you almost come to expect them from even the most basic models. One thing to keep in mind with a sliding miter saw, though, is that you need a larger workbench to accommodate for the movement forward and back of the miter saw.

Laser Alignment

Of all the added extras they put on miter saws these days, the simple addition of a laser guideline is the one that single handedly improves the user experience many fold over. Our editor, Chris, swears he’ll never go back to a non-laser model. But we think there is one thing you need to be aware of for laser alignment: some laser really suck outdoors in the daylight. So make sure you get one that’s got positive reviews in the Amazon reviews section.

Power (Amps)

Understandably, for under $300, you can’t expect the most powerful miter saw in the world. But there are still some acceptable levels of power in this category. We like to see a 15 Amp 4000 RPM model personally. These tend to get through most hardwoods with ease.

Something to keep in mind is that if you use a cordless model (measured in Volts – i.e. 18V or 20V), the battery is likely to lose its ability to hold power before long. It’s much like the battery in a cell phone: give it a few years, and it really loses that original responsiveness.

Blade Size

At this price point, you’re likely going to be looking to get a 7 1/4 Inch or 10 Inch blade. It’s possible to get 12 Inch miter saws, but they’re not common in the under $300 price range. Nonetheless, with a sliding miter saw, you’ll still be able to do wide cuts by using the sliding head mechanism.

While we’re talking about blades, it’s worth noting that many stock blades that come with a miter saw really are the baseline blades. Before long you might want to get a good 48 – 60 T ATB carbide tipped combination blade that’ll really rip through the wood to produce a smoother, cleaner finish. When you’re ready, you can check out our review of the best miter saw blades on the market today.


Weight is only really a factor if you’re going to be moving your miter saw to and from jobsites. But if that’s a factor for you, then it’s a really important factor! Weights vary from about 22 lbs all the way up to 80 lbs plus. Those lighter weight 22 lbs models are great for portability, and when combined with a miter saw table, make contracting work a heck of a lot easier. If you think you need a lightweight model, you might want to check out our review of the best compact miter saws, which feature a range of lightweight options.

Power Source

Your power source will either be a power cord or battery (although some models offer both options!). Each option has its pros and cons. A power cord will provide more consistent steady and reliable power from a power outlet. But a battery operated model gives you greater freedom to use your miter saw on the jobsite.

One great thing about battery operated models these days is that most brands have batteries that are interchangeable between brands. This means if you’re running Dewalt battery operated tools across your workshop, it won’t be long before you have an arsenal of Dewalt batteries that can be used one after the other so you’re never out of power on a day’s work. Just remember to charge them all when not in use!

If you think you need a cordless model, check our review of the best cordless miter saws where we take a good hard look at some lightweight models. You may recognize our top pick – because it’s the top pick on this page, too!

Dust Collection

To be honest, there’s no good dust collection method for miter saws on the market. Some are better than others, but you’re still going to have dust flying all around the place. The best thing to do would be to get a dust collection hood that acts as an umbrella over your miter saw, catching the dust and minimizing its footprint in the shop.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to find the right miter saw for your budget. This review of the best budget miter saws has provided some examples and our ratings of them for our personal circumstances. Personally, we’re quite bullish on the Craftsman CMCS714M1 for ourselves because it’s cordless – which we love. The one downside is that its blade is quite small. Of course, none of this constitutes advice – professional or otherwise – for you or your circumstances, so do your own due diligence and consult a professional.

We hope this general information has been useful though as you go about searching for the best budget miter saw!

Simon & Chris