About Us

We are a site dedicated to discussing all things related to yard work, workshopping, woodworking and all other tasks of the handyman! The writers on this site write to people just like us: little guys (mostly men) working from the home workshop on weekends.

What we Do

We regularly conduct reviews of products available on Amazon. Our reviews are all based on our own research on the web. We scour online reviews, learn all about the available products online, watch YouTube videos, and consult with one another, to synthesize all the information about the products all in one place. It usually takes us 2 days and involves collaboration between Simon (our writer) and Chris (our editor) to create each article.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a one-stop online resource for handymen seeking unbiased information, with a focus on ‘how to’ and ‘product review’ content

Our Vision

We seek to become the most authoritative resource on the web with content that is consistently updated, responsive to the needs of our readers, and entirely unbiased.

Our Values

Our core value is honesty. We aim to be unbiased and transparent in all of our content. Fiercely independent, we do not negotiate commission rates or have special relationships with any Amazon retailers.

Meet our Team

Chris is the editor and owner of the site. Chris has a background in Search Engine Optimization and content writing. He oversees our strategic direction and chooses which content we will write about on the site.

Simon is the lead writer for the site. He conducts in-depth research and aims to write unbiased reviews and ratings. Simon has been part of the team from the very start, and continues to create excellent value on the site for all of our readers.

Governing Documents

This site is governed by our Terms of Service, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy pages. You can access all of them from the footer of the site, which is visible on all pages. Your use of this site indicates your consent to all of these governing documents.


We do not accept solicitations. Questions about products we review should be directed to the product manufacturer or retailer, and we encourage you to research into the products yourself before making any personal purchasing decisions.

You can contact us at info -at- shedandyard -dot- com